Stuart's tells his story in an autobiography called 'Gifted' 

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The epic true story…of triumph over tragedy. At a time of terrible sadness Stuart Sharp was gifted the memory of a magnificent angelic symphony following a traumatic bereavement. It was dismissed by friends and family as part of a vivid imagination he’d had from childhood. At the age of ten he used it in an extraordinary way – from creating his own backyard orchestra to seeing visions of himself as a world-class composer. They were compelling images, which included writing a best-selling book. Just as clear was a movie that, one day, would be produced and distributed around the world. Growing up in a rural English pub, with a dysfunctional family in a deprived post-war era, and with no musical knowledge, it seemed impossible – but the visions persisted. What they did not foretell was the price he would need to pay to turn his dreams into reality. The catalyst that propelled him on his odyssey was the tragic death of his baby son, and the decision to set out on his adventure was born from desperation. Along the path, he lost everything precious to him and was soon living rough in his car. Later the streets of London loomed. Now, a penniless non-musician, he moved into a hostel for the homeless. However, he searched hard for work but was continually rejected, until one day he was offered a job as a commission only salesman. Fifteen grueling years later, he had earned enough money to hire the world’s greatest musicians to record the angelic symphony that he’d remembered note for note. Subsequent to the recording the Philharmonia Orchestra of London stood to applaud Stuart’s remarkable achievement. It was a singular moment in his life. His journey also took him to Zambia where, against unbelievable odds, he organised and composed the music for one of Africa's most successful concerts – just as his visions had foretold.