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6.0 out of 5 stars 
Review by Alan Thatcher
December 5th, 2018

Writing a symphony with no real musical knowledge, and having it recorded by one of the world’s leading orchestras, is akin to performing brain surgery with no medical training.

So says a conductor who has worked with the extraordinary Stuart Sharp, a person who seems incapable of understanding the word “impossible”.

When Stuart launched a one-man charity escapade in Zambia in 1990, he not only wrote the amazing song “Spirit of Africa” (which deserves to be a massive hit) he also staged a sell-out charity concert which attracted 70,000 fans to the national stadium in Lusaka.

No wonder singer Eddy Grant said that if Stuart plans a concert on the moon then he has no doubt it will actually take place.

Rarely have I read a book that brings so much joy from a foundation of such deep sorrow following a family tragedy.

Stuart began hearing some magical music in his dreams at night. It wasn’t just a tune but a symphony, and he could identify each instrument.

Without giving away too much, Stuart’s dreams became an obsession and he headed to London to see if he could become a musician.

He bought a guitar for a few pounds and taught himself how to play, gradually piecing together the chunks of music that danced around his brain.

He picked out the tunes on his guitar and recorded various chunks on a cheap tape recorder.

By now he was homeless and jobless, and the idea of completing his symphony seemed a million miles away.

The book reveals the twists and turns that Stuart was forced to take, the sacrifices he chose to make, and the extraordinary good fortune that befell him with various key people emerging at the right time to help him on his “impossible” journey.

When the Angeli Symphony was recorded at Sony’s Whitfield Street Studios in London, the orchestra gave Stuart a heartfelt ovation.

No wonder Hollywood producers and Gold Circle Films are making a movie about this incredible story and have the film in development.

I know Stuart through the sport of squash, where the serendipitous nature of coincidence led him to befriend the future world champion Jahangir Khan and his coach Rahmat Khan.

Stuart enjoyed many adventures with the conquering Khans as Jahangir became the youngest world champion at the tender age of 17, after himself suffering an immense personal tragedy. His older brother Torsam suffered a heart attack and died on court while playing in a tournament in Australia.

Stuart’s engagement with the Khans led to him becoming enmeshed in a similarly dramatic life story as Jahangir became the most successful male player in the history of squash, lifting ten consecutive British Open titles.

It was through this connection that Stuart became a squash coach and set off for Zambia with an aeroplane full of rackets and equipment for poverty-stricken children in the shanty towns.

All these stepping stones seem to have had a magical connection, and the charity concert gave him the confidence to carry on with his music.

For Stuart, his dreams really did come true.


Review by Wayne Ingram, War Vet

The story of a real hero and gentleman

6 November 2018

Having met Stuart Sharp at a book signing, after a recommendation from my fellow war veterans, I was surprised at how wonderfully unassuming he is, despite his sheer determination and unselfish compassion making his dreams come true while helping so many people along the way

‘The Gift’ is an amazing read, and learning how one man could achieve such unthinkable goals on the back of so much tragedy is truly uplifting. Furthermore, knowing that Stuart's ongoing achievements and aims will continue to help countless more people around the world goes far beyond what I can adequately put into words

This true-life story is required reading for anyone looking for an accurate and reliable moral compass, and I am thankful that this unbelievable life and example will soon become available to everyone through a film.

For me, Stuart is one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I have stood amongst heroes and I class Stuart in the same league.


5.0 out of 5 stars Extraordinary life journey 
19 March 2018
Format: Paperback
' The Gift ' is a beautifully written autobiography. Stuart Sharp's life story reads like a novel. But knowing it's all true adds to the drama of tragedy turning to triumph as he finally produces The Angeli Symphony, that was no more than a dream, as he languished in despair whilst homeless and penniless on the streets of London. It's the stuff of miracles. With Stuart's incredible spirit of adventure, it does not surprise me to read in The Gift that he also worked in Africa, and used some more of his remarkable music to produce Africa's most successful concert. If I had not seen video footage of this event I would not have believed it.
This is an amazing, life-enhancing true story that is still evolving. I'm looking forward to the next remarkable chapter in Stuart Sharp's extraordinary life's journey. I feel sure a movie will not be long in the making and, I for one. can't wait to see it.
5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational! A MUST read!
Format: Paperback
This book was possibly one of the most inspiring books that I have ever read regarding a human ‘exceeding’ and ‘succeeding’ at all odds in our ‘current’ society, and NEVER giving up….and he still lives to tell his inspiring story.

With our “instant society” today, a story such as this is just what humanity needs as a positive reference showing how perseverance and that “things just don’t happen overnight,” are classic and vital ingredients for life. AND if you TRULY believe, keep the faith and persevere, life will eventually manifest your dreams and desires and as such, award your steadfast spirit and determination during its own unique and special journey.

Wonderful themes that come through this beautiful story:
NEVER stop believing in your DREAMS
Don’t take no for an answer
The world is your oyster - go and get it!

5.0 out of 5 stars 

17 March 2018
Format: Paperback
This is an astounding 'real-life' story about the author's journey through life and is a 'must read' for anyone who needs encouragement in how to overcome challenges and to achieve amazing things way beyond their wildest imagination. Stuart Sharp is a man of immense compassion, determination, courage and vision. He saw his destiny as a young child and that was emphasised throughout his life through the most tragic situations and circumstances - the loss of his son, living homeless on the streets of London....... I could go on. This is a story everyone should hear and I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Albert Laser
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing example of a dream realized through tremendous odds!
17 March 2018 - Published on Amazon.com
I am a licensed mental health counselor, grateful to have discovered Stuart's story as a great encouragement in my own life and for many I have worked with. This is an amazing saga of a fantastic, wonderful dream pursued and realized through a tremendous struggle. I first heard his story on the podcast Snap Judgment and was delighted to learn that the mysterious angelic music he was hearing in the midst of grief and pain has been thankfully brought to reality. His story is so fascinating and unusual that it drew me in and shook me up in a very good way. The author has been amazingly generous in his response and support of a project with jail inmates here in Chicago IL and he is also active with work benefitting the underprivileged and handicapped in Africa. His story should be read and spread among all of those suffering the most, as it is an example of hope realized over a long period of struggle and patient perseverance through physical, emotional and spiritual trials. This story is sure to be an encouragement to anyone working on personal recovery of any kind. Thank you, Stuart for your wonderful gift and generous spirit!