‘The Snow People - an Anthology’ is a compilation of the varied works of Stuart J Sharp
 ‘The Snow People’ is the true story of Stuart’s relationship with his ‘snow friends’, whom nobody else could see, but who guided him to bring out his inner gifts along his journey, to achieve the impossible
During the early '80's, Stuart realised that he was able to create 'automatic poetry'; in which words would flow, without thinking about them, when he attuned himself to a particular subject. This happened especially when a strong emotion was involved
 ‘Thirty Years Ago’ is an unabridged collection of these poems, exactly as they were received
 ‘Thirty Years Later’ has taken a contemporary look at the same poems, attempted to retune into their original source, and reassembled them to tell their own story of Stuart’s life course
 ‘John’s Journey’ is a classical play which narrates a journeyman’s primal path from awareness to maturity. It was received in entirety, in one writing session, and is presented unabri

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